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Frequent Asked Questions

Who is Perry Maughmer?
Talking about this has always seemed a bit silly because I am not these experiences or positions but what I have evolved into because of them.  So listing out companies and roles in order to validate myself just never sat well with me.
That said, I’ve been in the workforce since 1990 which means I am officially into my 4th decade.  I am a product of those experiences and thankful for all one of them.  It did not make sense at the time when I was bouncing from industry to industry but in retrospect, it served me well. It taught me to be curious and comfortable not knowing and those orientations continue to be central to my approach.

If you would like to know the specifics of my work history, you can check out my
LinkedIn Profile.
What services do I offer?
I have been intentional about creating an ecosystem that leaders can leverage.  I have been curating offerings and those are:
  • Vistage (peer advisory groups)
  • Predictive Index (a talent optimization software platform)
  • Pinnacle Business Guide (a business operating framework)
How can someone contact me to engage in my services?


The best way to connect is using my calendar link you see ton the right to select a date for aa 25 minute “Conversation to Explore”. You'll be able to see my calendar 2 weeks out.

How does my experience as a Vistage Chair influence my coaching?
Being a Vistage Chair profoundly enriched my leadership coaching style by providing access to a diverse network of business leaders and innovators, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities they face. It also enables me to leverage collective wisdom and best practices, enhancing my ability to guide leaders through complex issues with more nuanced and effective strategies. 
Facilitating these peer advisory group meetings adds to my coaching ability by honing my skills in creating collaborative environments where leaders can share experiences and solutions. It enhances my capability to identify common leadership challenges and orchestrate discussions that lead other to find their own breakthrough insights and create strategies to bring these to reality.
What is my approach to leadership?


My approach to leadership is grounded in the conviction that the capacity for great leadership resides within each person, overturning the traditional belief that leadership is an innate, unchangeable trait bestowed upon a chosen few.


I advocate for a philosophy of Being Relentless, which compels individuals to continuously seek self-improvement through a cycle of exploration, experimentation, and evolution. This framework is designed to help leaders unearth their latent potential, develop resilience, and effectuate significant transformations within their organizations and teams, all while nurturing a culture of perpetual learning and adaptability

What is my philosophy on personal and professional growth?


My philosophy on personal and professional growth is rooted in the conviction that growth and leadership are inextricably linked with the embrace of struggle and the relentless pursuit of evolution.


I believe that facing challenges head-on is essential for development, as it is through struggle that we uncover our true potential and learn the most valuable lessons. This journey requires a mindset that is open to continuous learning, experimentation, and resilience, recognizing that leadership is not a destination but a path of ongoing personal transformation and impact.


My approach encourages individuals to step out of their comfort zones, to explore new perspectives, and to commit to a process of experimentation and adaptation, all with the aim of evolving not just as leaders but as individuals committed to making a meaningful difference in their environments.

How do my services benefit individuals and organizations?


Through my services, individuals and organizations can experience transformative growth and leadership development that is both profound and practical. My approach is designed to unlock the latent potential within leaders and teams, guiding them through a journey of self-discovery, strategic experimentation, and relentless evolution.


For individuals, engaging with my services can lead to increased self-awareness, enhanced leadership skills, and a clearer vision for personal and professional growth.


Organizations can expect to see improved team dynamics, more effective communication, and the implementation of actionable strategies that drive success and innovation. Ultimately, the goal is to cultivate environments where continuous learning and adaptation are not just encouraged but become integral to the culture, leading to sustained growth and achievement for both individuals and organizations.

What is the significance of the 'Relentless Evolution' concept in my coaching?


The 'Relentless Evolution' concept in my coaching underscores the continuous journey of growth and development essential for personal and professional leadership.


This philosophy highlights the importance of embracing challenges, stepping beyond comfort zones, and persistently striving for improvement to unlock your full potential. It emphasizes that leadership and success are not static achievements but ongoing processes that require dedication, adaptability, and a commitment to learning.


This approach aims to inspire individuals and organizations to not only achieve their current objectives but to also lay the groundwork for future opportunities and challenges, fostering a mindset geared towards perpetual growth and achievement.

What unique perspectives do I bring to leadership and executive coaching?
I try to set myself apart in the leadership coaching arena through his exceptional use of facilitation, which is a cornerstone of my coaching philosophy.
My expertise in conducting strategic facilitation sessions allows me to tailor my approach to the specific needs of executive teams, fostering a unique environment for open dialogue, collaboration, and insight generation.
By focusing on creating bespoke facilitation experiences, I work empower and enable leaders and their teams to develop actionable roadmaps that align with their organization's vision and goals. 
I feel like my emphasis on strategic facilitation not only distinguishes me from others in the field but also equips my clients with the clarity, alignment, and practical steps needed to navigate complex business landscapes and achieve sustained success.
What is my Potential Leader Lab Podcast about?
Provide information about the podcast, its focus, and its relevance to emerging leaders.
I created the Potential Leader Lab podcast as a way to delve into the depths of leadership, offering insights, strategies, and stories that can unlock the leadership potential within each individual. This platform allows me to engage with a wide audience, sharing the wisdom of thought leaders and experts, and exploring the multifaceted challenges of leadership.
My goal is to inspire and equip listeners with the knowledge and tools they need for their personal and professional development, embodying my belief in the power of continuous learning, adaptation, and transformation in the journey of leadership.
It's a space where we can collectively explore the edges of what's possible in leadership, pushing boundaries and fostering an environment where growth is not just encouraged but expected.
Vistage Member Monica Varrasso (2)

"Perry has guided me in my business decisions over the last 5 years and he’s never been wrong with his advice. He has this way of keeping you humble and making you realize there is always room for improvement within your self and your business.

Monica Varrasso, Vice
Turn - Key Tunneling, Inc.

Vistage Key Executives Group Member
Vistage Member Pat Scales

"Perry has helped me grow as an entrepreneur and leader. He truly wants the best for each and every different person in his group. He is great at learning our communication styles and relaying information in a way that we understand and can act on. He’s been there for me so many times and in so many ways. I’m grateful to have him as a Vistage Chair and honored to call him a friend.

Pat Scales, Owner

Pat Scales Remodeling

Vistage Chief Executive Group Member

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